Corporate organizational history

Hanoi Transportation Corporation (Transerco) was established under Decision No. 72/2004 / QD-UB of May 14, 2004 of the Hanoi People's Committee. Decision No. 3461 / QD-UBND dated July 13, 2010 of Hanoi People's Committee on transforming Hanoi Transport Corporation into a one-member limited liability company operating after the parent company - subsidiary company model. This is the result of reorganizing and innovating to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of state-owned transportation enterprises in the integration trend and before the increasing requirements on development and modernization. Transportation Capital.

From the state pilot model, Transerco has become a typical example of the effective application of the Parent company - Subsidiary model, with the main business areas being Public Passenger Transport. , Intercity transport, Tourism transport, bus station, parking, static traffic. At the time of its establishment, Hanoi Transport Corporation had a charter capital of VND 700 billion and more than 6,000 employees with an organizational structure including:

Parent company is: Transport and Public Service Company with 10 dependent accounting enterprises.

9 Subsidiaries include: Hanoi Bus Station Management Company; Parking Exploiting Company; Water Transportation Company; Sea Transport Company; Shipbuilding Company; Urban Transport Construction Company; Petroleum Fuel Company; Passenger Transport Joint Stock Company and Hanoi Transport and Goods Services Joint Stock Company.

4 joint venture companies and associates include: Toyota TC Hanoi Joint Venture; Sakura Hanoi Plaza Joint Venture Company; Giang Vo Development Co., Ltd and Hanoi Taxi Joint Stock Company.

Immediately after its establishment, along with organizational stability, the Corporation has built and drastically implemented five major projects to create momentum for sustainable development in the future. They are: The project of building business strategy; Scheme on organizational restructuring according to advanced models; Project on perfecting the financial management system; Scheme on building and training leaders and professional labor force; Transerco corporate culture construction project.

During 15 years of "uniting together" and continuously innovating, Hanoi Transport Corporation has always kept a stable development pace and had basic growth steps: Every year, it attains A-class enterprise of the city. , the state capital is preserved and developed, the efficiency of next year is higher than the previous year, stabilizing life and jobs for nearly 11,000 workers.

Currently, the Corporation is operating in four main business areas: public passenger transportation; Transport infrastructure; Transport business; Trade in services and value added with 12 units under the parent company, 6 subsidiaries and 4 subsidiaries and associates with foreign partners. This is a suitable model, connecting all members under a common roof, towards the goal of building and developing for the growth of Transerco.

Strategic partnership